Are eggs causing blood clots to suddenly form in people?

The following article was posted on Newspunch:

Frequent visitors of our website should be quite familiar with Newspunch by now, a “news” website that describes itself as being in opposition to mainstream news. We previously debunked some rather outlandish claims from them connected to climate change.

According to this latest claim, scientists have warned that eggs are causing thousands of people to suddenly form blood clots. The article correlates these “findings” with  “the global elite attempting to distract the public from the real cause of the surge in heart problems since the jab rollout”.

The story cites a study conducted in 2017 by Cleveland Clinic, an academic medical centre that integrates clinical care with research and education. According to the study, taking supplemental choline in a capsule raises TMAO [trimethylamine N-oxide] levels, which encourages blood platelets to clump together, forming blood clots.

While choline is found in a variety of foodstuffs including eggs and meat, the research did not show a direct correlation between eating eggs and “suddenly forming blood clots.” In fact, our research on choline found a clinical research study from the American Journal of Medicine with the same team of researchers as the 2017 study titled: “Dietary Choline Supplements, but Not Eggs, Raise Fasting TMAO Levels in Participants with Normal Renal Function: A Randomized Clinical Trial”. The research concluded that despite high choline content in egg yolks, healthy participants consuming 4 eggs daily showed no significant increase in TMAO.

From available evidence then, the claim that eggs are causing people to die suddenly form blood clots is false. The claim comes at a time when a lingering bird flu outbreak, combined with soaring feed, fuel and labour costs, has led to U.S. egg prices more than doubling over the past year.

Additionally, as the study was conducted in 2017, it predates the pandemic and Covid-19 vaccines by multiple years. As such, there is no basis for the articles claim that the global elite are using these findings to distract the public from heart problems caused by the Covid-19 vaccine.

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