Are there new gender-neutral toilets in Suntec City?

By August 17, 2023 Society

This image has been circulating on local chat groups and forums boards, with many questions being asked about details and context. Some posts have identified the toilet as being part of Suntec City Mall.

Black Dot Research went down to locate the toilet and gather the facts.

The image is of a sign pointing towards a toilet entrance, with the label “Gender Neutral Toilets” above a paragraph which reads, “this restroom may be used by any person regardless of gender identity or expression.” There is also a handicapped symbol underneath.

We’ve come across numerous questions being asked about where exactly the toilet is located, if it is a single cubicle, if it is the only one in the mall and if it has replaced a female-only or handicapped toilet.

From our on-the-ground research, the pictured toilet does exist and is actually located within Suntec City Convention Centre and Exhibition Hall – not Suntec City Mall. The toilet is not a single-handicapped cubicle (although it is equipped for handicapped users) and features multiple stalls and sinks. Although we were unable to access every section of the Convention Centre due to ongoing events, the pictured toilet was the only gender-neutral toilet we could find.

Based on the “W” mosaic tiles on the walls, which is a feature in female-only toilets within the same building as opposed to “M” mosaic tiles in male toilets (pictured below), this gender-neutral toilet appears to have been converted from a female-only toilet. However, it does not seem to have replaced a female toilet, as several other male-only and female-only toilets are also located nearby on the same floor.

(photograph by Black Dot Research)

Black Dot Research was unable to get confirmation from Suntec Singapore that the toilet is a permanent fixture. We have come across claims that it is a temporary, 3-day installation for an event, but no specific event has been mentioned. According to the Suntec City Convention Centre website, there are multiple events being held at the location – with several spanning 3 or more days. However, at the time of writing we cannot confirm the toilet’s specific function or long-term existence.

So, are there new gender-neutral toilets in Suntec City? Based on our research, there does appears to be a gender-neutral toilet located in Suntec City Convention Centre.

However, it does not appear to be a widespread installation and is not located in the Suntec City Mall area. There is also no evidence to suggest that this signals the introduction of gender-neutral public toilets across Singapore.

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