Are wisdom teeth linked to our heart? Are extractions a conspiracy to rob us of “power and true potential?”

By July 20, 2023 Health

We saw this graphic circulating on social media.

The main claim is that extracting wisdom teeth causes harm as they have important functions connected to the heart and pineal gland. The graphic also claims that pain caused by wisdom teeth emerging sideways is actually “a hidden gift” to rewire the brain and open new pathways.

While several unobtrusive posts with similar claims (dating back several years) exist on forums and social media, we could not find widely accepted medical or scientific research to back them up.

Although not directly cited in the graphic, the claim that wisdom teeth are “wired directly” to the “heart and pineal gland” is rooted in theories about meridians, which are based in traditional Chinese medicine concepts. According to the meridian system, there are 12 meridians that form interconnected pathways across the body – through which life-energy flows.

We found holistic dental practitioners active in different parts of the world who link tooth-related issues such as decay, cavities, and extractions with the well-being of those organs – where disturbances in one part of a meridian spread to other parts. The charts below are examples of how the meridian system supposedly links teeth to the rest of the body.

However, while teeth-organ connections are asserted by those who believe in the concept of meridians, to date there is no widely accepted scientific evidence for the existence or validity of the meridian system. Further, many different permutations of meridian linkages exist, with no fixed consensus even among believers in the concept.

While dental issues can, in some cases, cause systemic problems through oral infection and bacteria spreading throughout the body, it is not tied to the meridian theory of specific organs being linked to a specific tooth. Holistic dentistry has also been criticized for giving potentially dangerous advice and providing treatment not taught in dental schools.

Finally, wisdom teeth emerging sideways is common, but can also often lead to them becoming impacted (where the tooth lies completely on its side, trapped by the gum and digging into its neighbouring tooth). While evidence for impacted wisdom teeth “opening new pathways” through pain does not exist, it is well-documented that untreated impacted teeth can cause infection, immense pain, swelling and damage to other teeth.

This claim brings together multiple claims under the umbrella conspiracy of an unknown “them” working to harm or limit humans through wisdom teeth extractions. However, its component parts are all completely unsubstantiated; rendering it moot.

There is no medical evidence to suggest that wisdom teeth are “directly wired” to the heart and pineal gland – much less that extraction would have negative impacts on those organs. There is also a glut of counter-evidence which supports the benefits of extracting painful impacted wisdom teeth rather than allowing them to remain and spark a “rewiring of the brain.” We therefore give this claim a rating of false.

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