[VACCINEWatch]: Should we avoid bedroom activities for a week after getting vaccinated?

By July 12, 2021 COVID-19, Health, Vaccine

We came across this photo being forwarded on WhatsApp:

We see what appears to be an advisory by the Ministry of Health (MOH) which advises the public to avoid strenuous activities for one week post vaccination.

In the advisory, we see a list which depicts the examples of strenuous activities to avoid, one of which is…of the R21 variety.

When we did a Google search for “list of strenuous activities to avoid vaccination singapore”, we come across articles on CNA and The Straits Times which report on how MOH’s latest advisory reflects an updated recommendation on 5 July which advised individuals to avoid exercise or strenuous physical activity for a week after getting vaccinated.

On the CNA piece, we see an image of a list of physical activities attributed to MOH:

As seen, the box which depicted ‘mating’ in the viral image shows a more PG-rated ‘swimming’ as an example of a strenuous physical activity to avoid.

Our colleague who got vaccinated today also shared a photo of a printout he got at the vaccination centre:

Needless to say, we reckon that the individual who photoshopped the advisory was probably not fuelled by malicious intentions and was just trying to garner some giggles from the public.

We certainly did.

Therefore, we rate this ‘advisory’ as satire.

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