[COVIDWatch]: Is Singapore going into a 14-day lockdown this Saturday?

By March 26, 2020 COVID-19, Health

We have been alerted to a message being forwarded on Whatsapp:

Here is a translation of the message:

“I have something important to say, but please don’t speculate because this is not confirmed. I met a friend who works at MINDEF and his supervisor mentioned that Singapore may go under lockdown this Saturday if the situation does not improve. So if you have not made any preparations, please stock up before this Saturday. Because the lockdown is for 14 days. I’m worried that by the time they announce the lockdown, everyone will panic and rush to the shops. Take care.”

The content of the message makes two claims:

  1. Singapore may go into lockdown mode this Saturday (28 March)
  2. The lockdown will be for 14 days

Perhaps already aware of such claims making their rounds on social media and messaging apps, Gov.sg has taken preemptive measures and addressed rumours that Singapore will go to DORSCON red and/or lockdown a few hours ago, calling them untrue.

They have also urged Singaporeans to not spread unverified information.

Given that there is no evidence that Singapore will be going into lockdown (despite stricter measures being meted out recently), we rate the claim that Singapore may be going into a 14-day lockdown on Saturday as false.

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