Did BBC Radio 1 Dance resume music right after announcing Queen Elizabeth’s death?

We came across this post on Twitter:

The tweet, with over 95 thousand likes, contains a recording from BBC Radio 1 Dance, a British digital radio show operated by the British Broadcasting Company that exclusively plays electronic dance music.

The clip, allegedly recorded during a live set by DJ Pete Tong has the audio of a dance track being interrupted by an announcement of the Queen’s death. The music then immediately resumes, creating a jarring experience for the listener.

When we conducted a search on the alleged gaff, we found a series of tweets from Scott Bryan, a broadcaster at the BBC who hosts the Must Watch Podcast on BBC Radio 5 Live. In the thread, he posts various recordings from BBC broadcasts announcing the Queen’s death, along with a clip from BBC Radio 1 Dance showing that the station did not cut away back  to dance music after the announcement. Instead, the national anthem of the United Kingdom was played before programming was suspended for the station.

Interestingly, a similar tweet had gone viral when Prince Philip had died in 2021, with a clip from BBC Radio 1 Dance containing audio of his death being announced before dance music resumed.

Based on what we’ve found then, the claim that BBC Radio 1 Dance resumed music right after announcing Queen Elizabeth’s death is false. The clip has been edited and is not an original BBC Radio 1 Dance recording.

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