Did Lady Gaga endorse Trump’s 2024 Presidential nomination?

In the lead-up to the 2024 Presidential Elections in the United States (US), we came across a post on Twitter claiming that popular American singer Lady Gaga is endorsing Donald Trump for President.

When we conducted a reverse image search of the picture of Lady Gaga, we came across an almost identical photograph taken during the 2020 Biden-Harris Election Night Rally in Pittsburgh, US which took place on 2 November 2020.

Shared on Twitter on 3 July 2023 

Taken from an article dated 2 November 2020

When compared side-by-side, the only apparent difference in the photographs is the text on the podium where the one shared on 3 July 2023 appears to state “Trump 2024” and the one shared on 2 November 2020 states “Battle for the Soul of the Nation; Biden Harris”.

Lady Gaga joined then-presidential candidate Joe Biden in 2020 during his campaign to encourage voters to cast their vote for Biden. During her speech, Lady Gaga also criticised Trump’s offensive treatment of women, and a part of her speech was also shared on her official Twitter account.


Did Gaga change her mind?

While Lady Gaga is certainly entitled to a change of opinion, given her open support for Biden and strong criticism of Trump during the last presidential elections, it seems odd that she would now vocally support Trump.

As there was no link to the tweet supposedly by Lady Gaga supporting Trump, we sieved through Lady Gaga’s tweets from 2020 to 2023. However, we did not find the tweet in support of Trump. Lady Gaga’s official Twitter account also contains the verified blue tick beside her username while the account tweeting in support of Trump did not have the blue tick.

Tweet allegedly from Lady Gaga, in support of Trump

Lady Gaga’s official Twitter account

The Twitter account that uploaded the supposed tweet from Lady Gaga is known for commonly posting satire and has also been described as a troll account. Troll accounts are usually known for posting inflammatory content that provokes others. While the exact motivations behind the current tweet about Lady Gaga’s endorsement of Trump are unknown, it could have been to elicit more views.

Therefore, the claim that Lady Gaga is endorsing Trump for President in 2024, is likely false. The photograph of Lady Gaga from the 2020 Biden-Harris Election Night Rally was likely edited to look like it’s an endorsement for Trump.

With the upcoming Presidential elections in Singapore, it is imperative that social media users verify the information in posts endorsing or calling out political candidates. The 2020 General Elections in Singapore saw examples of bad actors pretending to be political parties and misrepresenting the parties’ narratives.

With misinformation more rife than ever before on social media, it is important we remain guarded and discern if news shared about a candidate or political party is actually true, to make full use of our vote.

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