Did the World Economic Forum order governments to ration water?

We came across this post stating that the World Economic Forum (WEF) has ordered governments to ration water into homes.

In support of its claim, the post refers to an article published in The People’s Voice, an American news publication that asserts to be “committed to covering the headlines mainstream outlets shy away from”.

According to the article, WEF has stated that water is not a human right, and the world’s water supplies must be privatised. Further, the article also states that WEF is joining forces with the United Nations (UN) to regulate water supplies. Some of the purported water controls include “residential limits to water usage, and costly increases to access that water”.

What was WEF’s message?

WEF is an international organisation that aims to engage world leaders to mould “global, regional, and industry agendas”. Recently, WEF posted a tweet that it was important to ensure sustainable water management for all. Water management is basically a process to plan, develop and oversee water resources across various water uses.

In its website post titled, “Ensuring sustainable water management for all by 2030”, WEF explains that the demand for water could soon exceed global water supplies. Hence, the 2030 Water Resources Group was formed to address the disparity between the supply and demand of water, among others, by facilitating projects such as water pollution management.

There has been no mention of controlling water supplies by the WEF, in this post or its related posts on addressing water scarcity and security. Additionally, both WEF and the UN have recognised access to clean water as a human right.


WEF’s control of governments

WEF has affirmed that it did not mandate governments to ration water into homes. Furthermore, according to Scott Moore, a political scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, as a non-governmental organisation, the WEF lacks the legal status to “exercise the functions of sovereign states” and is not able to command governments to adopt any policies.

Therefore, it is false that WEF has ordered governments to ration their water supplies into people’s homes.

The People’s Voice and its various aliases

The People’s Voice has a history of repeatedly publishing false information, and previously operated under the aliases of NewsPunch and YourNewsWire.

The founders behind The People’s Voice have repeatedly changed domain names presumably to get around the loss of views – and therefore revenue – when content from their websites is flagged for sharing false information on social media sites such as Facebook. A flagged post under the previous domain name would not be marked as fake news once the domain name has been changed.

We have also previously debunked various claims that have been published on NewsPunch as well as highlighted subversive tactics they employ, such as placing a “fact-checked” tag at the start of each article, to build a perception of credibility. As such, The People’s Voice, under its various guises, has built a reputation of being one of the largest fake news websites and is not a reliable source of credible information.

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