Do these photos prove that Volodymyr Zelensky films all his speeches in front of a green screen?

We came across the following posts being shared on social media:

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, misinformation campaigns have falsely accused Zelenskyy of fleeing the country. To further promote this narrative, these images attempt to prove that the president films his videos addressing the Ukrainian people in front of a green screen in a studio, instead of on the ground as the footage released by the Ukrainian Presidency alleges to show.

When we conducted a reverse image search however, we found that the images appeared in several articles about the Ukrainian president’s simultaneous appearance via 3D hologram at a number of tech conferences in June 2022.

Additionally, a video on YouTube shares a behind the scenes look of how the hologram was created and the technology used for his address at the tech conferences.

While it is impossible to prove whether or not Zelensky filmed all his videos in front of a green screen, we can say with certainty that the screenshots on social media of Zelensky in front of a green screen don’t prove that all the president’s videos are faked. Rather, they were taken during a forum where the president appeared as a hologram.

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