Does the World Economic Forum want to cancel Christmas to fight climate change?

By January 17, 2023 Environment, Religion, Society

We came across this article being shared on Reddit:

Frequent readers of our site might be familiar with NewsPunch,  a “news” website that describes itself as being in opposition to mainstream news. We recently debunked a claim from them that climate activists were calling for millions of dogs worldwide to be slaughtered.

The article contains a link to a video which claims that that the WEF has launched a “controversial new initiative” for “Christmas holiday traditions to be cancelled in coming years”, but provides no evidence that this initiative exists. Instead, it cites several media reports from CNN and the Guardian discussing people cancelling Christmas plans to avoid spreading Covid-19 in 2021, and about more environmentally friendly Christmas meal alternatives.

When we took a look at the website of the WEF, while we found articles that discuss the environmental impact of Christmas glitter and trees, there is no evidence of any plans to “cancel” Christmas traditions.

Based on available evidence then, the claim that the WEF launched an initiative to cancel Christmas traditions to save the environment is false. There is no evidence that either the WEF, or the media organisations purportedly under the WEF’s influence, are complicit in an initiative aiming to cancel Christmas holiday traditions.

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