Does this video show the severe turbulence experienced by Singapore Airlines flight SQ 321?

We came across several posts on X circulating a video that claims to show footage from the Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 travelling from London to Singapore, which recently experienced severe turbulence and had to make an emergency landing in Bangkok.

The video shows the plane shaking violently, a flight attendant being thrown against the ceiling of the plane and various items being tossed around the cabin.

SQ 321’s journey

SQ 321 which took off from London on 20 May 2024, encountered “sudden extreme turbulence” while travelling over the Irrawaddy Basin in Myanmar on its journey to Singapore. According to media reports, the extreme turbulence forced the plane to rapidly ascend at a rate of 1664 feet per minute before rapidly descending at a rate of 1536 feet per minute, in a matter of 3 seconds. As a result, eyewitness reports from passengers on SQ 321 claimed that people were “launched immediately into the ceiling”, with cabin crew and passengers using the toilets being the most affected.