Did this instance of elderly abuse happen in Singapore?

By October 8, 2020 Society

We have been alerted to this post on Facebook group Ghim Moh Rilek Corner:

Can you really ever trust a maid fully?

Posted by Mohd Zakir on Monday, 5 October 2020

The video depicts a heart-breaking sight – a woman clad in a pink t-shirt and white skirt is seen treating an elderly woman sitting in a wheelchair roughly, at one point of time even seeming to pull her hair. The former also sneaks glances at the individual taking the video from time to time.

Along with the video is the caption: “Can you really ever trust a maid fully?”

Comments on the post and its shares seem to suggest that netizens think that this incident took place in Singapore. This might be partially due to the fact that the video posted comes with two watermarks – a logo with the Merlion, and the text “Singapore Incidents Channel”.

At time of publication, the post has been shared over 1.8k times.

Incident happened in Taiwan

A reverse Google Image search of a screenshot from the video brings us to an article syndicated on Yahoo News Taiwan. The incident was also reported on Taipei-based English language news website Taiwan News.

According to the reports, the video was uploaded on Facebook group 林口大家庭LinKou-Family on 29 September by a netizen named Anita Yeh. The incident allegedly happened at Xinglinkou Park in the Linkou District in Taipei. Yeh said that the younger woman, a migrant caregiver, had repeatedly cursed at the elderly woman and told her to “go die”.

The video had reportedly also sparked public outrage among Taiwanese netizens, with many demanding the caregiver be held accountable. Some had even urged the government to deport the migrant worker as soon as possible.

New Taipei City Councillor Tsai Shu-chun said she contacted local police immediately after discovering the video. The family of the elderly woman has allegedly decided to not to press any charges against the caregiver, but the New Taipei Department of Labour said it will continue to investigate the case.

Regardless, the insinuation that this incident happened in Singapore is false.

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