Is an Alex Yeung being investigated by the Singapore Police or has he been apprehended by the Singapore Police?

By November 7, 2019 February 24th, 2020 Government, International Politics

The Singapore Police Force’s social media channels are certainly feeling some heat.  This is regarding an incident involving one Alex Yeung, a Hong Kong resident, whose passport has been impounded in Singapore, pending investigations.

Now Alex Yeung is a pro-China supporter, and his popular views regarding the ongoing HK protests have earned him both praise and contempt alike.

In the online space, it appears that many are suggesting that he has been wrongfully arrested by the Singapore Police and are actively encouraging taking steps to “pressure” the Singapore government into releasing him.  See some of these views here:

(See the link here)

The above views are misleading for suggesting that Alex has been arrested, or that he will go to jail.

As per the SPF’s clarification, they have said that:

Currently, Yeung’s passport has been impounded while he is assisting the Police with ongoing investigations. He is, however, neither arrested nor in Police custody, and is free to go about his activities within Singapore.



We also add that Alex has said himself on his Youtube channel that he has not been arrested, and he is merely undergoing investigations.  In his latest video, Alex has urged supporters not to drag the matter out as being a problem of the Singapore government or even the Chinese government.  The matter has nothing to do with either government (presumably relating to their position in respect of the HK riots), and he is assisting with investigations – as agreed by him, in his own words.  We note that Alex mentions that he is not turning to the Chinese embassy in Singapore for any assistance.

[Update: On 21 November, it has been reported that the Singapore Police Force (SPF) has issued a stern warning to Alex Yeung for organising a public assembly without a police permit. He has subsequently been repatriated and banned from entering the country unless prior permission is obtained.]


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