Is the Singapore government giving away S$2,800 to each worker who worked between 1990 to 2019?

By August 1, 2019 February 24th, 2020 Government, Society

You may have come across a Whatsapp or Telegram text message asking you to access a website to claim S$2,800 from the government.

This is a scam.  There is no such offer being made by the Singapore government.

The link in the message will take you to another website that claims to be part of the Ministry of Manpower and ask for information from you.  It will also ask you to forward the link to 5 other persons in order to claim the S$2,800.

We suspect that the website is attempting to phish for personal information from users of the website.

The Ministry of Manpower has issued a warning on its Facebook page:

So keep your family, friends and loved ones informed about this scam.  Hopefully, their web browser would have detected the website as a deceptive site, so that all harm is prevented:

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