Uncovering insights and truth.

We verify claims made from any source that could potentially cause a seismic shift in public perception on topics of general importance in Singapore. We are entirely self-funded and unconnected to any third-party organisation, political, government or otherwise.

Black Dot Research is a sister company to strategic communications consultancy Black Dot, and the two companies enjoy synergies when it comes to building a solid understanding and in-depth appreciation of key market and social trends and issues. We also realised that our research work puts us in a position where we come into contact with and have the opportunities to review news and information from many different sources.

With the rising threat of fake news and online misinformation, we felt a social responsibility to help guard against deliberate online falsehoods by providing fact-checking as an independent entity.

Profile of our Lead FactChecker

Derek Low

Derek was a practicing litigation lawyer / legal counsel in Singapore from 2010 until 2018. He has a keen interest in all things media-related and a penchant for the development of fact-checking initiatives globally.

Presently, Derek is both custodian and lead author of the FactCheck web pages.

Derek holds an LLB from the National University of Singapore.