Are these free FairPrice vouchers a new scam tactic?

By January 25, 2022 Society

We came across this post on Facebook:

The author of the post shares a photo of what appears to be a flyer offering individuals a $20 FairPrice supermarket voucher when they scan a QR code.

The author then warns other Facebook users to not scan the QR code should they receive the flyer in their mailbox because “it’s a new scam tactic”.

When we tried to scan the QR code on the flyer, we were led to the Google homepage, potentially meaning that the link had already been taken down.

NTUC FairPrice: “This flyer and its attached promotion is neither created nor endorsed by FairPrice.”

In a Facebook post published by NTUC FairPrice themselves, we read that they were alerted to “a printed flyer of unknown origin featuring a FairPrice voucher giveaway”.

They added that the QR code “leads to an online financial survey”.

NTUC FairPrice clarified that they are “currently not running any promotion that requires users to complete a survey to obtain gift vouchers”, and that “this flyer and its attached promotion is neither created nor endorsed by FairPrice”. They ended the post urging the public to verify any information they receive before sharing their personal information, and to contact them whenever in doubt.

Therefore, while it’s hard to say if the creator of the flyer was out to deliberately scam the public, it is definitely false that NTUC FairPrice is running such a promotion.

Due to that, the public should exercise caution and not give away any personal details should they come across this flyer and QR code.

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