Did George Goh ask voters to “create their own George Goh option” on ballots?

By August 21, 2023 Local Politics, Satire

We’ve come across this screenshot being shared on forums and chat groups today:The claim is that George Goh, who was recently disqualified from the Presidential race, has encouraged voters to create their own “George Goh” option on ballot slips when voting.

The screenshot is from an Instagram post made by the account mkbdnews. The original post has more text, apparently with direct quotes from Goh. It is accompanied by an image of Goh during an interview and a graphic simulating the addition of his name on a list of qualified candidates.However, upon closer inspection, it is quickly clear that the account mkbdnews is a satirical account. The account’s Instagram bio identifies it as a “satirical news source” and a look at other posts on the account reveals similar satirical content about local issues.
We therefore categorise this claim as satire. George Goh has not asked voters to “create their own George Goh option” on ballots.

The original post is not easily mistaken for an authentic news story and interview footage of Goh in the wake of the disqualification announcement does not contain any mention of “creating a new option.” However, screenshots circulating without context or a direct link to an original source can be a dangerous source of misinformation – particularly when passed around widely and rapidly through social media.

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