Gross negligence of our national postal service

By January 14, 2019 February 24th, 2020 Government

Would you be surprised to find out that the national postal service could be grossly negligent in running a flyer distribution business?

We were too. Which is why we had to do a fact-check on this article regarding Singapore Post Limited (“SingPost”).

The story is true.

A massage parlour business in Singapore paid for SingPost to deliver flyers. The business owner later discovered that SingPost failed to deliver the flyers, and complained. SingPost launched an initial investigation and reported back that the business owner was wrong, and that the flyers were delivered – SingPost submitted photos of the flyers in mailboxes as proof.

The business owner discovered that the photos from SingPost’s investigation were fake.

SingPost has since apparently apologised and refunded the business owner.

We wrote to Singapore Post via Facebook Messenger to ask for their views. We asked for confirmation of the story, in particular, that they had apologised to the business owner. They have chosen not to respond.

We treat the news as reliable given that there are 2 independent sources who have verified their news with the direct sources of this report (Lianhe Wanbao and Mothership)

See the Chinese news version.

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