Have no new banknotes been printed in the US since 2018?

We found the following video posted on Facebook:

In the video, posted on the Facebook page of David Graham, also known as Kanga Guru, he claims that a cashless society is imminent, which would allow the government to control people’s spending or track their movements. As proof of this, Kanga suggests that the last time a federal banknote was printed in the US was in 2018, five years ago.

A quick search on Kanga Guru/David Graham brought up an article from News au,  an Australian news website owned by News Corp Australia. According to the article, Kanga is facing criminal intimidation charges related to phone calls made to Sydney-based radio station 2GB and one allegedly threatening comment said to a member of 2GB’s staff.

Along with his criminal intimidation charges, Kanga is described in the article as being a “well-known conspiracy theorist”, having made other wild claims including that McDonald’s burgers are made of “baby meat” and the Covid pandemic being fabricated.

When we looked up printing figures for currency in the US, we found detailed print orders for currency on the website of the US Federal Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP). According to the page, the fiscal year (FY) 2023 print order contains a range of 4.5 billion to 8.6 billion notes, valued at $166.5 billion to $190.5 billion. During FY 2023, BEP staff will adjust production of each denomination within these ranges to best match available production with demand throughout the year. In 2019, approximately 7 billion Federal Reserve notes, valued at $206.9 billion had been ordered for the fiscal year.

With the evidence available, the claim that no new banknotes have been printed in the US since 2018 is false. Billions of banknotes have been printed by the US Federal Reserve since 2018.

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