Is putting hotel luggage in the bathtub upon arrival a good idea?

By August 10, 2022 Health, Lifestyle

A series of online advertisements have been circulating on the internet since at least August 2021:

According to the ad, putting luggage in the bathtub is a little known hotel trick that should be done as soon as you check into a hotel room. When we clicked on the advertisement, it led us to a lengthy slide show that never actually discusses the trick of putting luggage in a hotel bathtub, with a number of interesting, albeit largely useless hotel “tricks” presented instead.

Luggage in the bathtub?

Undeterred however, we conducted some research to find out if the act of placing luggage in a hotel room’s bathtub might actually have a legitimate purpose or if this tip was simply used as “clickbait”. Surprisingly, entomologists (scientists who specialise in the study of insects) from the University of Maine, the National Pest Management Association, and Penn State University have all recommended that suitcases should go in the bathtub when you first enter a hotel room- not on the bed or even laid on the floor. The reason? Bed bugs which are typically found in furniture and other upholstered surfaces.

To prevent bed bugs from jumping from the hotel room to your luggage and subsequently your clothing, entomologists recommend storing your luggage in the bathroom, where bed bugs are least likely to be found.

In conclusion, it is true that storing your luggage in the bath in a hotel room is a good idea and a tip for hotel stays. Just be sure not to forget that your bags are in the tub and end up giving them a good soaking.

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