Is the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine unsafe for children?

By January 4, 2023 COVID-19, Health

A post on Twitter appears to link the death of 23 Canadian children to the mRNA vaccine.

The Twitter thread posted by user The Vigilant Fox refers to an article, which was published on the website called DailyClout, stating that deaths among Canadian children, allegedly caused by influenza, were linked to their compromised immunity as a result of the mRNA vaccine.

The article titled ‘Twenty-Three Canadian Children Have Died in the Past Month, and No One Is Talking About It’ appears to be an opinion piece written by The Vigilant Fox for DailyClout.

 The Vigilant Fox who claims to be a “citizen journalist with 12 years of healthcare experience, focused on The Great Reset, world protests, and COVID-19” is part of DailyClout’s team of content contributors.

Dailyclout claims to, among others, produce media to aid anyone to utilize democracy more powerfully. However, most of the articles, centered on the COVID vaccine, on its website seem to provoke negative sentiments towards receiving the said vaccines. Notably, the CEO of Dailyclout is Naomi Wolf who is an anti-vaxxer. Hence, the objectivity of the article is questionable.


What is mRNA vaccine?

mRNA vaccines contain messenger Ribonucleic acid, which is produced in a laboratory. According to Singapore’s the Ministry of Health (MOH), mRNA “carry instructions to make the spike protein of the virus” which stimulates the production of antibodies to protect the vaccinated person. MOH has also stated that the mRNA is not obtained from actual viruses nor does it cause COVID-19 infection.

Pediatric deaths in Canada due to Influenza

The article by Mike Crawley for CBC news, which was referred to by The Vigilant Fox, discusses the higher pediatric death rates in Canada due to influenza (flu) in 2022. The focus of the CBC news article advocates for greater transparency on the number of pediatric deaths in order to take proactive steps to prevent the spread of the virus, and possible deaths. An example that was cited in the article referred to how sharing the number of pediatric deaths led to more children in British Columbia, Canada being brought to get the flu vaccination.

Influenza is an acute respiratory infection caused by influenza viruses. This is different from COVID-19 which is caused by the coronavirus. According to the World Health Organisation, while most people recover from influenza without the need for medical attention, “influenza can cause severe illness or death, particularly among high-risk groups including the very young, the elderly, pregnant women, health workers and those with serious medical conditions”.

However, The Vigilant Fox cites Dr William Makis’ theory that the mRNA vaccines aredamaging the immune systems of young kids to the point where they are unable to fight off common infections that young, healthy children should be able to fend offas a reason for these pediatric deaths.  Dr Makis claims that he has found 23 Canadian children who have died suddenly or unexpectedly over [December 2022], where influenza was cited as the primary cause of these deaths.

However, Dr Makis concedes that the mRNA vaccination status of these deceased children is unknown. He had inferred the vaccination status of the children from whether they were involved in athletics, such as Hockey or Basketball in school while it is not clear how the information on the children’s involvement in athletics was obtained.

Does the Covid vaccine affect one’s immune system?

The World Health Organisation Collaborating Center for vaccine safety assures that the mRNA vaccine does not affect the immune system of those receiving the vaccine.

Why the increase in influenza?

A potential theory as to the increase in influenza cases was put forth by Professor Neil Mabbott, personal chair in immunopathology at the University of Edinburgh:

Last winter we were in lockdown and social mixing, especially indoors, was very limited. This was very effective in limiting the spread of the coronavirus but also had other consequences. At the same time, it reduced our exposure to common cold viruses. Cases were very low indeed, meaning that the annual immunity top-up we normally received through virus infection did not occur.

Unfortunately, our natural protection to the common cold will have declined to some degree, and this is reflected in the reports of increased severity of symptoms. But this is not at all due to impacts of the COVID-19 vaccination on our immune systems.”

Is Dr Makis right in claiming that the mRNA vaccine affects the immune system of those receiving the vaccine?

There has been no clear evidence given by Dr Makis on the link between the mRNA vaccine and a compromised immune system considering that he was unable to even confirm the vaccination status of the deceased children.

Therefore, it is likely that Dr Makis’ claim is inaccurate and more studies have to be conducted on the effects of the vaccine on one’s immune system (if any).


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