Is there ‘666’ written on this Singapore building?

By May 11, 2022 Society

We came across this post on a Singapore-based Telegram group:

We see a collage of two photos being shared, both of which are of buildings. According to the author of the message (presumably also the creator of the collage), the photo on the left shows the numbers ‘666’ seen on the SLF building, and the right is a photo of the same building prior to the change.

It is important to note that the photo taken is rather blurry, and it is quite hard to make out what exactly is on the building.

For some context, the number ‘666’ is typically used to signify the devil or the antichrist. As pointed out by, some Christians might even “go out of their way to avoid the number”. However, there are also individuals who “use the number to evoke an air of darkness or find amusement in coincidental appearances of the number in popular culture or everyday occurrences”.

Mistaken identity?

When we did a Google Maps search of SLF Complex, we see several photos taken of the vicinity – one taken in 2017, and the other taken this year.

As seen, there appears to be two buildings – one with ‘SLF’ on it, and the other with the alleged ‘666’. This means that contrary to what was suggested by the author, there are two buildings in the SLF Complex, and not a sole “SLF building”.

When we zoomed in, we see this:

We can see clearly that the building on the right has ‘SLF’ on it, and the one on the left has another logo. For the unacquainted, what’s seen on the building is not ‘666’, but the logo for the Ministry of Social and Family Development Singapore (MSF):

According to Google Maps, the MSF building is located in SLF Complex which, as seen, is one of two buildings in the Complex:

Therefore, it is both false that a building in the SLF complex has ‘666’ on it, and that there was a change in the logo.

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