Is Uber offering a ‘Walking Buddy’ option?

By October 26, 2022 Satire, Society, Transport

We came across the following screenshot being shared on multiple social media channels:

The post, with over 222,000 likes on Twitter at the time of writing shows various options on the ride-hailing platform, with “walking buddy” being one of them.

Although most users on Twitter recognized the post as a joke, there were a few comments suggesting various scenarios where the unusual option might be useful. College girls walking home after night classes or people needing support due to medical conditions were some of the purported users of the service.

A quick search found that the screenshot was altered, as expected. The image first circulated in 2020 with Uber having fun with the rumor, retweeting the original viral post with the caption retweeted the viral sensation on Tuesday with the caption, “Gotta get those steps in.” Both Uber and the owner of the popular post back in 2020 subsequently confirmed that it was fake.

Unfortunately then, Uber is not offering a “walking buddy” option. The claim is satire and was originally posted in 2020 as a meme.

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