[VACCINEWatch]: Did the Manchester City Council produce this infographic?

By April 26, 2022 COVID-19, Health, Vaccine

We came across this infographic being shared on a Singapore-based Telegram group:

The infographic is purportedly by the Manchester City Council and the NHS (National Health Service), both of which can be considered as trustworthy sources of information.

In the infographic, we see the captions “covid vaccinated” and “new symptoms to look out for” along with ailments such as “cardiac arrest”, ‘sudden death”, “aching mussles (sic)”, and “blood clots in the brain”. As we’re aware, individuals with an anti-vaccination stance have long alleged that ailments like blood clots, seizures, and heart-related issues are side effects of the vaccines.

Hilarious spelling error aside, it does seem rather odd for organisations like the Manchester City Council and the NHS to declare that these rather worrying symptoms should be expected by those who get vaccinated.

When we did a Google search of the keywords “covid vaccinated manchester city council”, we were led to a similar-looking infographic posted on their Facebook page last July:

While both infographics look similar at first glance, the one posted by the Manchester City Council is actually talking about symptoms of the COVID-19 Delta variant that individuals need to look out for.

While we see several similar symptoms like “vomiting” and “tired and unwell”, the other symptoms mentioned are completely different to the ones we saw on the Telegram message.

Notably, “muscles” is also spelt correctly in this particular version.

It is uncertain who was responsible for editing the original infographic, and what their intentions were, but it is definitely false that the Manchester City Council and NHS produced an infographic sharing about the symptoms of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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