[VACCINEWatch]: Are vaccines making immune systems weaker, resulting in more infections like dengue and hepatitis?

By May 19, 2022 COVID-19, Vaccine

We came across this post on Telegram:

According to the message, the immune systems of both vaccinated and unvaccinated people have been degraded due to graphene being transmitted from the former to the latter. The author alludes to this transmission of graphene as being the cause of a surge in infections like dengue and hepatitis, two diseases that have seen an increase in cases in Singapore, and seen as a growing threat.

The post includes a link to an article from The Expose, a website that describes itself as being an alternative to the “lying mainstream media”. According to the article, Dr Philippe van Welbergen, the Medical Director of Biomedical Clinics which is dedicated to homeopathy and homotoxicology, he found that unvaccinated patients of his had been infected with vaccine toxins through shedding.

In a video posted on Loving Life TV, again a website dedicated to “exposing the truth that the mainstream media is hiding from you”, Dr Philippe shared pictures of blood slides from both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients. As shown below, the first image alleges to depict healthy red blood cells found in an unvaccinated patient while the second image shows graphene fibres that are blocking (?) red blood cells in a vaccinated patient. However, according to Dr Philippe, the final image shows the blood slide of an unvaccinated three-year-old child who has vaccinated parents, leading him to posit that the graphene had been transmitted from parents to child.

Vaccine Shedding and Graphene?

Interestingly, the claims from these Telegram post combine two common conspiracies we’ve looked at previously, that of graphene oxide being present in the Covid-19 vaccine and of vaccinated individuals “shedding”, and subsequently passing on components of the vaccine to the unvaccinated. Fortunately, both of these claims have been debunked, both by us and by other fact-checking bodies.

As graphene is not present in the Covid-19 vaccine and vaccine shedding does not occur for the vaccine as well due to the mRNA based vaccine not containing the live SARS-CoV-2 virus, it is not possible for the scenario described by Dr Philippe to occur. Due to this then, it is not possible for the immune system to be weakened in this manner, leaving individuals more susceptible to infections such as dengue fever and hepatitis.

Additionally, the images of blood slides shown above seem to go against what is known about graphene, since graphene should appear much smaller than red blood cells in images. For reference, graphene, a “single-atomic layered material” should have a molecular length of 0.14 nanometers. Red blood cells on the other hand have a diameter of about 6-8 nanometers.

Given what we have found in our research and the findings from our previous factchecks then, the claim that graphene is being transmitted from vaccinated to unvaccinated people, degrading immune systems and causing the surge in dengue and hepatitis infections is false.

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