[VACCINEWatch] Bluetooth being generated by vaccinated individuals?

By November 17, 2021 COVID-19, Health, Technology, Vaccine

We came across this message being shared on Telegram:

The author of the message describes a French lawyer who confirmed that vaccinated people generate Bluetooth alphanumerical codes, intending to ‘bring this to justice’. The message doesn’t elaborate much beyond that, stating that the video is in French but not actively posting the aforementioned video.

Bluetooth Connection?

We conducted a search on Carlo Brusa but were unable to find any mention of him or his confirmation of Bluetooth generation in vaccinated individuals. The presence of Bluetooth microchips or any form of microchip found within the vaccine is not a novel conspiracy theory however, with a significant number of publications having already extensively examined and debunked the claim.

As previously mentioned, the claim of COVID-19 vaccines containing microchips that allow an individual to be connected to via Bluetooth have been reported and subsequently debunked ad infinitum. According to the University of Nebraska Medical Center, even the smallest microchip available is far too big to fit inside an immunization shot.

Based on the evidence we’ve found then, the claim that the COVID-19 vaccine makes people Bluetooth contactable is false.

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