Was a reptilian dragon egg found on a beach in Japan?

By March 2, 2023 Environment, Science

Was a reptilian dragon egg found on a beach in Japan? A flurry of interest has accompanied reports detailing a spherical object that had washed up on the shores of Enshu Beach in Hamamatsu City, Japan, on 21 February 2023.

In part, the increased interest in the spherical object is attributed to recent controversies over unidentified objects possibly used for espionage, particularly the alleged Chinese spy balloons which were shot down in the United States.


Unidentified floating object

The Facebook post includes a link to a YouTube video with the title, “REPTILIAN DRAGON EGG FOUND ON BEACH IN JAPAN ??? MYSTERY ORB 2023”.

The YouTube video was uploaded on 26 February 2023 by “THEALIENCONTACTEE2”, a channel that posts content on, among others, extraterrestrials, and unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The video starts with an account from a news site explaining that the metal sphere is likely a buoy that washed up on the beach. Thereafter, the YouTuber (Linol Anderson) latches onto the mystery behind the spherical object to speculate that it looks like a dragon egg.

While Anderson concedes that the object might just be a buoy at the end of the day, according to him, the larger picture here is that the mainstream media classifying the spherical object as unidentified plants the idea of “something otherworldly” in people’s minds.

He claims that reports of unidentified objects are merely testing the waters on how humans will respond to UFOs and aliens, in preparation for a future staged alien invasion-type scenario.

He also claims that there will be a real alien invasion soon and that governments are merely staging alien events earlier to control the narrative when the real invasion happens. Explaining the narrative, Anderson states that governments want humans to believe that the interdimensional beings we will see are bad and are to be feared.


Metal sphere or dragon egg?

Investigations by Japanese authorities have revealed that the metal sphere is hollow and not an explosive. While they have yet to confirm where the sphere originated from, it is reported to be a buoy that might have been designed to anchor a ship or another heavy object.

Based on photographs of the sphere which show a rusted exterior with handles and the views of oceanographers who have opined that it is likely a buoy, it is more likely than not that the sphere is a buoy and not a dragon egg.

Anderson’s video title is merely clickbait to draw in an audience and garner support for his ideas, such as the existence of dragons and extraterrestrial beings, for which there is presently no scientific evidence in support. The search for life beyond Earth is still ongoing.

Hence, it is likely false that the metal sphere which was found on Enshu beach was a reptilian dragon egg.

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