Satanic symbolism in the World Health Organization logo?

By January 17, 2022 Health, History, Religion

We came across this post being shared on Telegram:

Presented without further context, the image shows a statue of a goat-headed figure flanked by children, with two snakes entwined around a staff circled in red. Next to it, the words satanic symbolism are written along with the logo of the World Health Organization (WHO), which has a similar symbol of a snake entwined around a staff. Presumably then, the author is suggesting that the WHO employs satanic symbolism in their imagery.

When we conducted a quick search, we found that the image on the left is of a 9 foot tall statue, that was unveiled by the Satanic Temple in Detroit, back in 2015. According to an article from the BBC, the statue is of a heathen idol called the Baphomet, with the symbol on its stomach being a caduceus, a Greek symbol that symbolises trade, negotiation and reciprocity.

The caduceus however, is not the same symbol used in the WHO logo. As you can tell from the image, the WHO logo has just one snake on it, compared to the two found on the Baphomet. Accordingly, this is an entirely different symbol, with the one from the WHO logo being the staff of Asclepius, further detailed on their website as having long been a symbol of medicine and the medical profession. The staff of Asclepius has its roots in Greek mythology, instead of being a form of Satanic symbolism, having originated from the story of Asclepius, a Greek god of healing whose cult involved the use of snakes.

Based on our findings then, the assertion that the WHO utilises Satanic symbolism in their logo is false. The image of a staff with a snake coiled around it is the staff of Asclepius, a common symbol of medicine and the medical profession.

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